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Player Safety

How to access team information


You can access your team's information, send emails to players, and change some player information (such as jersey numbers) by logging into the system using the username and password issued to you. Logging in also allows you to post messages to the Team Page, upload photos and other images, and access the team Roster for each game.

Click on Admin on the navigation bar. The page that appears provides spaces for your username and password. Click on Post.

The page that appears provides several options:

  • Show My Teams

  • Show Team List

  • Show Team List with A/R

  • Team Roster

  • Coach's Excel Team List

  • Player Evaluation Summary

For most of the season, Show My Teams and Team Roster will probably be what you use most.

Show My Teams

Clicking on this will show you the team(s) that you coach, for the current year and last year. Click on Select beside the team you want to work with.

The Team Detail Maintenance page will appear. You will not be able to change the information at the top of the page. If there are errors or omissions you should contact your Coordinator to correct them. At the bottom of the page is the team list, and beside each team member is the word Edit. Clicking on that will show you some information about the player.

You can (and should) enter the player's jersey number. You can also change other information, and upload the player's photo. At the bottom of the page is a section for evaluating players. This needs to be done at the end of the season, to assist with creating teams for the next season, and to identify players with particular promise.

Team List

Clicking on this will show you the team(s) that you coach, for the current year and last year. Click on Select beside the team you want to work with.

The Send Email to Players/Parents page will appear. This has one obvious function.: to send a copy of the team list to the entire team or to one player in particular.

Show Team List with A/R

Clicking on this displays the team list with information about payment: you can see which players have completed payment. (This is important, as players cannot attend practices or games without having paid, and though our policy is not to do so the system currently allows placement of players when payment arrangements have been made but payment has not been received.)

Team Roster

This feature provides two lists of your team. This is useful mostly for Rep teams, who must provide two team lists to the referee prior to the start of the game. For House teams, it can be a handy way of noting who is present at a game or practice.

Coach's Excel Team List

This feature allows you to download the team list in Excel format.

Player Evaluation Summary

The website provides for evaluating players, and allows the coach and others who are entitled to do so to evaluate each player individually. The intention is to assess suitability for player advancement to Rep or other opportunities. The Coach's evaluative remarks and scores are entered into the player's record, as discussed under Show My Teams above. The summary provides the Coach with access to scores entered by Scouts or the Technical Director.

How to access the Team Page


Team Pages are important: they include the standings for the Age Group, your Team's schedule, and contact information for your team.  Parents and players on your team should be advised how to access the Team Page.  You can also post messages to and about the team, and also photos of the team.

Team Pages appear under Players/Teams on the navigation bar. Move the cursor over Players/Teams on the navigation bar and then click on Team Pages when the dropdown appears. You will see a selector application.  (Alternatively, you can use the Site Map at the bottom of the page and select Team Pages directly.) You must select the season first (the most recent season is the default) and then select the Division as follows:

House Co-Ed Active Start, U7, U8, U18
House Boys U10, U12, U15
House Girls U10, U12, U15
Rep Boys
Rep Girls

The page will re-set and you will be able to select an Age Group. Selecting an Age Group will show all the teams in the group. You may also select a specific Team after the Age Group has been selected.

Clicking on Team Page under the name of the team (small blue lettering) will produce the Team Page for the team you have selected.

If you wish to:

  • Post a note to your team's web page

  • Upload photos to your team's web page

  • Access the roster for a particular game (this also tells you who the referees are)

you will need to log in using the Admin feature. Using the Admin feature and the coach functions (accessing team and player information, etc.) is dealt with in a separate item.

Player Evaluation Instructions


1.Use your coach login to access the system (use the ADMIN button on the navigation bar).
2.Under Player/Team/Coach Administration you will see Show My Teams.  Click on this.
3.The team record will appear, at the bottom of which is a list of players.  Click on Edit beside the name of the player you want to evaluate.
4.The Player Evaluation Form appears.  Part 1 contains some instructions.  Part 2 asks for player rank, preferred position, left/right handedness, and jersey number.  Please complete those.
5.It also asks for comments about the player's background in two categories: Training and Profile.  It is not essential to fill in either of these, but in some cases this information would be nice to have, especially if the player has particular training that most players on the team do not.
6.Part 3 asks you to describe the player's performance in four areas.  Each level (there are five) has a descriptor, and you will see them when you click on the item.  Also necessary to complete the evaluation are whether this is a mid-season or end-of-season evaluation, and your overall impression of the player's performance (Recommended Playing Level) and best position (Recommended Playing Position).
7.It is very helpful if you add comments about the player's progress, or anything that sets the player apart from others on the team.
8.When you click on Post, your information is saved, and the system should offer the next player in sequence.

Field Information


Once the usual autumn weather begins, we start to think about field closures and whether games should proceed when conditions are less than delightful. This item contains information about fields, how to access that information on the website, and how to determine whether a field is playable.

Where to find field information:

In the navigation bar is an item labelled Schedules. There are four items in the dropdown:

Game Schedule

Fields & Gymnasiums

Field Dimensions

End-of-Season Tournaments

To find out whether a field is open or closed, select Fields & Gymnasiums. It will produce a list of all the facilities that we use, whether for games or practices. The column labelled Status indicates whether the field is open or closed, and under what conditions. Some may be available for practice, but not games. Some may be the reverse. You will also find a button beside each that produces a Google map of the field or gymnasium and its environs.

To find out how to line a field, such as when a field is unlined or lines are severely damaged, select Field Dimensions. This item provides the dimensions of Small-Sided fields, used for U7 through U12. Age Groups above U12 use a full-size pitch, the dimensions for which can be found in the Laws of the Game. You can contact the Field Director or a Referee for the dimensions if you do not have a copy of the Laws.

Field Closures


Normally, the SCYSA plays games in inclement weather when this occurs. Fields may be closed or games cancelled because of especially difficult weather conditions, but most years this occurs infrequently.

On Friday afternoon of each week, the District of Sechelt and the SCRD evaluate the fields for which they are responsible (the SCRD evaluates Town of Gibsons fields). Similar determination is made regarding school fields which are used for games. If a decision is taken to close a field, the Status of the field is changed, and a news item is posted on the website regarding closure.

Field closures may occur Saturday morning because of overnight conditions. It is important to consult the website prior to setting out for a game, in order to avoid disappointment.

In the absence of a notice that play is suspended for a particular day or weekend, it is expected that all games will take place. This can be superseded for individual fields where conditions may be particularly severe, even though the field was cleared for play on Friday. According to the Laws of the Game, it is the responsibility of the Referee (not the coaches) to determine playability of a field. Where there is no referee for a game, as in Active Start through U8, the coaches must make the determination after inspecting the field. It follows without saying that coaches must be present on the field and determine from their own direct knowledge whether conditions are sufficient to warrant play. This applies equally to the Referee.

A field that is frozen, is covered in snow (more than a skiff), or has standing water on it is to be condemned immediately and not used for either games or practice until cleared by the relevant authority.

Team Volunteers

Please use this form to formally acknowledge parents who make a special contribution to your team, such as consistently acting as linesman, setting up equipment, assisting you with drills at games or practices, and the like.

Coaching Documents


How to send team emails

How to send team emails

Go to the home page:
At the top, just right of center is the Admin button.  Click it
Log in with your user name and password.  Click Post
Choose the team you wish to select


Once in the team, the team roster is on your right.  Below it is a messaging box.  You have the option of messaging your whole team or select players.  The yellow arrow will send your message.