Player Code of Conduct

In negotiating the world of youth soccer, it is helpful to the players, the coach and the parents/guardians to understand what is expected of them. A player code of conduct helps establish the rules.

  • Arrive on time. Players should arrive, at a minimum, 10 minutes before practice and 30 minutes before games. Tardiness or absence without notification or good cause may result in reduced playing time.

  • Dress appropriately. The proper equipment should be worn, along with sufficient clothing in cold weather. A water bottle should also be brought, no matter what the weather.

  • Have a good meal. Players should make sure they are properly fed and hydrated for both practices and games.
  • Leave jewelry at home. Players may not wear any kind of jewelry except for a Medic Alert bracelet which should be fastened to the wrist with padded material. Sports holders are available for these.

  • Check glasses and mouth guards. Sports glasses or contacts are recommended for those who require glasses. Mouth guards are used according to the advice of a dentist or orthodontist.

  • Tie back your hair. Long hair should not be loose. In general, hair should not be in the face.

  • Show respect. Players must respect coaches and officials and exhibit good sportsmanship to all others involved in the game.

  • Offer to help. Younger players should expect that parents/guardians will assist them in following the code of conduct. Verbalize your intention to help.

  • Be responsible for yourself. Older players should fill their own water bottles, carry their own bags, and be dressed and ready to go on time.

  • Parents, start them early. Help players to follow the code without your help, right from the start.

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