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Soccer Law Amendments

SCYSA Amendments to Laws of the Game

Full amended Laws (as per BC Soccer) can be found under Info/Documents/Referees

The following amendments apply.

Retreat Line

Retreat Line Procedure for all teams U6 - U13

There is a retreat line one-third running across the entire pitch one-third of the length of the pitch from each goal (this is the Offside line for U11 and U12). When one team is awarded a goal kick, all opposing players must be closer to their own goal than the kicking team's retreat line, and cannot cross it until:
- The ball is played by a player on the kicking team other than the player taking the goal kick OR,
- The ball travels over the retreat line OR,
- The ball leaves the field of play

If an opposing player crosses the retreat line before the ball is played or crosses the line the referee must stop play and the kick is re-taken.

If the opposing team repeatedly infringes the retreat line, an indirect free kick is awarded to the kicking team from the place where the offence occurred.

Mentoring Reports

Mentors: Please use this form (click on the link below) to file reports on referees you are mentoring.  It is probably best to download a copy of the form (link is here) in advance of the session.  The printable form contains the information that is required by the online version, though the layout is different.

Click here for the online form.  It will open in a new tab.

Discipline Reports

Select the appropriate link below to report cautions and sending-off offences. Please read the instructions carefully, and provide a full account of what happened. If you are reporting foul and abusive language, please include the bad words. 

For dismissals or ejections, click here.


Please note cautions and sending-off offences need to have clear language that indicate why the foul is a caution or dismisal. It may be helpful to cite the words from Law 12 that apply.

Rep Game Reports

To report disciplinary cards or any necessary details of a rep level game, please follow this link through NSYSA: