• U8 Spring League 2015

    U8 Spring League 2015

  • U7 Tim Hortons Tournament 2015/16

    U7 Tim Hortons Tournament 2015/16

    U7 Purple team- Coach Drew Instruction before the game
  • U10 Tournament 2015-2016

Fall Registration extended until 

August 10, 2018


Tentative Game Schedule Fall 2018

(Times are tentative and could be subject to change)

U18:  Wednesday evenings 

U15 boys:  Possibly week night evening

U15 girls:  Sunday afternoon

U12 boys:  Saturday afternoon

U12 girls:  Sunday afternoon

U10 boys:  Saturday afternoon

U10 girls:  Sunday afternoon

U8:  9:30 am Saturdays

U7:  10:30 am Saturdays

U6:  10:30 am Saturdays

Active Start:  9:30 am Saturdays


Field Report as of August 10, 2018

Shirley Macey 1 Closed


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